The 'Damac' Tribute Posters

The idea of creating a range of Damac tributes came about simply as a part time hobby - I love to draw and paint footballers, love the Damac range of posters and wanted to create my own interpretations, purely to see how they'd look. In my spare time I started painting some ideas for some team posters to see how they'd look. By adding a simple background and the same style borders and typeface as the originals, the designs came out quite nicely.

I tried to keep faithful to the original criteria, such as not making the players immeditately obvious and omitting such details as manufacturers' marks. The paintings were then scanned in, and 'cut out' ready for pasting on to the backgrounds. The poster dimensions were based on the original 10x8 prints, and the borders measured and drawn on the computer. I wasn't entirely happy with the first drafts of the backgrounds, thinking they were a little plain, so when Michael offered to redesign them using his superior design talents, I was only too happy to forward the images for him to 'play' with.

When Michael sent me back the first samples, I was absolutely thrilled with the results. As someone else with an understanding of the 'Damac' design criteria and style, he really helped capture that same vintage feel, but with a totally modern design method. As a sideline project, much as this site, we are hoping to create further tribute posters, designed with the same feel and charm as the originals.

At some point, we are also planning to expand the range, from vintage 1970's-1980's right up to the present day. Current teams and players would make an interesting twist on the original concept we think. At present, we are concentrating on around the same era as the original range, but we do also plan to experiment with current subjects as well.

The designs themselves are not intended for release or for sale, they are purely a 'fan' tribute to a piece of design that has enthralled and inspired the both of us. We have had a great time working on them, and hope to add many more to the Damac Tribute Collection.