An interview with Keith Batcheller

Keith Batcheller was one of the original artists for the Damac range, and produced artwork for the first editions of the New England Patriots and Chicago Bears posters. Keith kindly agreed to share some of his memories of his work for the Damac range.

Illustrated NFL: When and who approached you about the work for the Damac range?

Keith: An Art Director for the N.F.L. in Los Angeles contacted me to do the posters. I can't remember his name.

Illustrated NFL:What was the main criteria or 'brief' of the paintings that were required? For instance, were you given photo references, or left to choose you own pictures to use etc. Did you have to conform to a set of rules, for instance, no recognizable players or certain poses etc. Were there any requirements about the backgrounds as well?

Keith: I was given the freedom to choose my own reference and design for the posters just make it a good fit for each team. Two other artists did some of the posters as well, Chuck Ren and Jim Lamb. Chuck went on to do most of the posters he passed away about ten years ago. I was told to not use recognizable players and numbers. The background was to say something about the team name or city

Illustrated NFL: What was the deadline on the paintings, and how long did the whole process take to get to print?

Keith: I think the deadline was not more than two or three  weeks. I did sketches first for approval then proceeded with the finished paintings.

Illustrated NFL: What happened to the original paintings? Did you retain them or were they held by Damac or even the NFL?

Keith: The N.F.L. owns the originals. I was very young  when I did these paintings and did not think about getting the artwork back.

Illustrated NFL:What media was used for the paintings? And also, what size and on what surface were they painted on?

Keith: The paintings where done in acrylics paint on illustration board. I believe that I did these paintings at print size or maybe a bit larger