Sometime in the 1970's, the National Football League commissioned a series of team and city themed posters and prints, featuring attractive, colourful artwork and a simple, yet effective design. The basic criteria for the range was artwork relevant to the NFL team it was representing, including images of players in team uniforms, and a background relevant to the team's location - a landmark or skyline, or something the place was known for.

The poster range ran from 1978 to around 1983, and the artwork was refreshed at least twice for each of the (then) 28 teams of the NFL.

The posters were printed mostly by the Damac company, and is by the name they are best known as, although licenses were also granted to Pro Sports Inc, The Picture Factory and others worldwide. The artwork wasn't just used for the poster range either - the themed images also appeared on postcards, jigsaw puzzles, t-shirts, clocks, wallcoverings and even a card game which featured selected team artworks. Sizes of the posters varied from 25"x23" to 20"x16" and 10"x8" and came framed, unframed and hardboard mounted. (British Magazine AD)

Chuck Ren is probably the most notable contributor to the series, although other artists included Jim Lamb, Paul Kratter and Keith Batcheller.

In this section of the site, we're hoping to catalogue as many examples of the posters and the artwork used within them, and to also analyze the posters and how they were created, such as reference and source photographs and other interesting information. As an ongoing project, we're hoping to add more examples of the posters as we come across them, including variations, advertising and other uses of these stunning paintings.

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(Additional DAMAC & Artist Source Contributors: Roger Hansen, Robert Harvell, & Ricko)
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